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DesignBake helps founders close high-quality designers with speed. We vet thousands of designers for early-stage roles like Founding Designer, Head of Design, UX Designer, and more.

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Full-time Designers

We partner with founders to offer end-to-end support on hiring for critical design roles — from scoping the role and building the hiring process to closing your ideal hire.

Freelance & Fractional Designers

From urgent projects to strategic engagements, we’ll connect you with the right designer for the job. Access our network of curated freelance and fractional designers for your startup.

We got the best candidates through working with DesignBake. It felt really catered and personalized to us…I also felt like we got people who just weren’t on the market yet. They were sort of the voice of design as a part of the interview process which I thought was really critical because I’m not a designer. DesignBake just fills a very different need than what exists on the market…I’ll be back for more roles.

Headshot of a founder - Nate

Nate, Founder and CEO at Revv

We started the process with the DesignBake team, and in a few short weeks we were extending an offer. I was skeptical, given it had taken us so long as a team previously, but DesignBake really got us aligned and honed in on what we wanted in our ideal candidate. This not only helped the process move faster but allowed them to screen candidates to only bring candidates they felt were A players to us.

Beth, Head of Talent at Follow Up Boss